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Nub graces us with his presence all the way from the East Coast and pulls out an eye catching Kandy paint job. With the help of Ryno and his House of Kolor Shimrin 2 knowledge, Nub's years of custom paint experience, graphic layout ability and sleek pinstriping take the look of this bike to a whole new level. As many know, Nub is known for high end paint jobs for Orange County Choppers and many other high end bike builders.

Geared with FBS tapes and House of Kolor Shimrin 2, this bike was immediately bound for glory. In this tutorial Nub will walk you through proper preparation of a set of tins, spraying primer, base coat and ultimate laying out some killer graphics. With the assistance of Ryno, you will also learn the proper mixing of the House of Kolor Shimrin 2 Products to create primer sealers, base coats, kandies and turn a 2-3 step base coat into a single ready to spray base coat.

Nub shares many tricks on graphic masking and layout, as well as proper painting and flash times. To put the cherry on top, this video is loaded with a complete tutorial on how to Gold Leaf/Variegated Leaf using a pinstriping brush and fast dry gold size. Nub puts the final finishes on the tank by doing a 2 color pinstripe design on the entire bike, all along teaching you proper brush technique and palleting.

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