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Nub Grafix
Mike Learn - Airbrush & Design
Bob Spina Las Vegas
Chris Guin
Steve DeMan - Kolor Kings
Mitch - Jus Cuz Custom
Anderson Studio Inc.

Russ Gerner - Paint Master
Duane Ballard - Custom Leather Charley Hutton's - Color Studio
Nick Pastura - Motorsports
Scott Bahr - Airbrush Design
Jey Leveque - Klassick Kolors




Justin Alt - Jac'd
Ross Restorations Inc.
David Monnig Coast Airbrush
Airbrush Action Magazine
Lowrider Scene Magazine
Bodyshop Magazine
Bodyshop Business
Jobber News
Auto Body Repair Network

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The sprayers are great especially the SuperMaxi, I`ve had lacquer thinner in mine for 3 years, that`s almost unheard of and I`ve saved lot`s on chemicals. The McProper Plus is the most used sprayer in my shop.

The Orange Fine Line has made my life a thousand times easier for doing grafixs. It bends nice and stays where you want it to. It doesn`t shrink back which was a big problem with the other tapes I was using before.

The Auto Grafix is very thin and easy to cut through and tear away. When your taping over itself one swipe of your hand and it lays flat not in clumps. Visit Nub's website

  Nub paintworkNub paintwork
Nub paintwork
Watch videos to see Nub in action - click here
Nub's paintwork

Mike Learn

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Hey Guys,
I just wanted to tell you how extremely impressed I have been with the diversity of your products. In my particular business, I have a wide range of needs for my tapes and adhesives. I need tapes that work with bare wood as well as high dollar finishes. FBS fills all the roles of performance in my shop beyond my expectations.

I would also like to mention that customer service has been second to none. I know what it takes to run a business, and beyond skill and integrity, customer service ranks right at the top in order to keep things rolling for the future.

Having the opportunity to use your products has ensured productivity and quality in both the airbrush requirements, and my guitar building business.

I can't thank you enough.
Mike Learn

Visit Mike's website - click here
and watch samples of his work www.learnguitars.com

Read an article "A Lot To Learn" which was published in Airbrush Action magazine in October 2004 - click here
Mike Learn paintwork

  Sample 2Sample 3 Sample 4

Mike Learn

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  1. Layout - FBS Tapes make easy jobs easier.
  2. Outline.
  3. Orange tape sure looks pretty.
  4. Spray the white, peel tape, no problems, no tape marks, no tape residue.

Its 3am in Vegas I`m clearing parts that were taped out with FBS of course. I`m thinking, I wish we had FBS tapes in the 50s, man doing a flame job with NUBS method, wow . In the 50s everyone used 1/4 TUCK TAPE, like 39 cents a roll, then filled in the flames with tape, mostly3/4, and covered the rest with newspaper. I think you all get my point, It`s now 4am, better spray some more clear.

Orange Fine Line Tape is the best Tape since the 60`s. It doesn`t move once you lay it down and even here in Vegas when it gets  90 to  100 degrees  it will stay and when you remove it there is no tracking or lines.
If you have questions or run into a problem, these guys are there, they answer the call.

The Super Maxi Sprayer is so easy to use and economical because it takes so little chemical to clean the Paint Gun. I save money by using Super Maxi.

Great company, great people. Visit Bob's Facebook site - click here

  Sample 2Sample 3Sample 4

Gil Anchondo

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FBS Custom Tapes - the Baddest Tape in the World!

See the back cover Lowrider Scene Magazine featuring Steve - click here

Visit Steve's website - click here

Watch videos with Steve's interviews by V8TV at SEMA Show 2013 - videos


  Steve DeMan paintworkSteve DeMan paintwork
DIVCO Milk Truck

DMC & FBS Surfboard for NEXT Newstyle Custom Car Show 2013 in Tokyo


Steve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paint
Steve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paintSteve DeMan surfboard paint


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DIVCO build by Mitch - Jus Cuz Customs

I met Robert a few years ago selling various products, mainly a broad selection of tapes..

He explained the products and I learned through our first meeting he was also the owner of FBS Distributions.

A genuine man armed with a strong knowledge of our Custom Industry requirements and present product short comings,

He offered to send me a few samples of his products, well I am very glad he did! Robert.. won me over in just a few minutes!!!
Each of the products met or exceeded our needs and expectations! not to be out done..

It has been my experience that Robert and the fine crew at FBS Products continue to search out better products to serve our needs !
If you haven't had the chance to use the many products from FBS Distributions, plain and simply put ... why the HECK NOT!!???

We are VERY happy with the products and Service we have enjoyed and hope Your company will as well.

Visit Mitch's website - click here

  Mitch's paintworkMitch's paintwork

<< DIVCO Build for SEMA Show 2013 - click here

Watch DIVCO project with Hammers Paint And Gearz - click here

Andy Anderson

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I just happened to run into your FBS product at my local supplier and thought I'd give it a try after hearing some good press on it.

The Results of this tape on my job are the Best I've ever had with ANY TAPE! Period! Cleanest lines! No adhesive and the ease with which it made curves, even very small tight ones was Amazing. Am I happy with it? Absolutely!

I will never use any other tape for my custom design work------!!!!! Why should I? When you have the best there's no reason for compromise! FBS other products such as the Auto Grafix Tape, made masking my design work a breeze. Very fast and easy to see through and cut.

Not to mention I never had to worry about pulling up any paint. Perfect Products!--Oh yes and don't forget the ProMask. This product reduced my masking time and made it so easy I don't see how I ever got along without it.

First class products all the way. And First Class company and people! Great Company to work with. They go out of their way to make sure their products are the best and us custom painters are happy!

I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation! In fact call or E-mail me and I will tell you personally how well I like them!

Andy Anderson Anderson Studio, Inc. Nashville visit the website

Step-by-Step Metalflake Painting & Paneling by Andy Anderson click here

Read an article "Inner-view with Andy Anderson" by Jeff G. Holt published in Street Chopper Magazine. click here

  Anderson workAnderson workAnderson paintwork
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