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Nub Grafix
Mike Learn - Airbrush & Design
Bob Spina Las Vegas
Chris Guin
Steve DeMan - Kolor Kings
Mitch - Jus Cuz Custom
Anderson Studio Inc.

Russ Gerner - Paint Master
Duane Ballard - Custom Leather Charley Hutton's - Color Studio
Nick Pastura - Motorsports
Scott Bahr - Airbrush Design
Jey Leveque - Klassick Kolors




Justin Alt - Jac'd
Ross Restorations Inc.
David Monnig Coast Airbrush
Airbrush Action Magazine
Lowrider Scene Magazine
Bodyshop Magazine
Bodyshop Business
Jobber News
Auto Body Repair Network

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During 37 years in the business I have used everything on the Market. After a year of using your Products I have to say that your Products are awesome.

From painting, graphics or artwork on cars, trucks, bikes, guitars even living room walls I have found new ways to use your tape.
Your product has outperformed everything I have used in my years of painting especially because the lines are clean no residue..
I have had no problems with any of your tapes especially no reason to redo or re tape which is very time consuming.

After a year of using your tapes FBS is the only Tape in my shop.

Thanks guys for an awesome product.
Russ Gerner
Paint Master Art Studio
Las Vegas

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  NIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintwork


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I recently covered a seat and set of grips for the guys at FBS. Robert said he would send some pictures when it was complete but I never expected pictures this nice! Make sure and check out their products. They make some REALLY nice stuff for the shop. Iíve been using their sprayers and tapes and they are better than anything Iíve used before.

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  Nub paintwork
Duane Ballard leather work
Duane Ballard leather work
Andy Anderson

Head Strong Grafx takes years of world-renowned experience and embraces the challenge of displaying your passions, personality, and individuality for all to see and praise. With a commitment to understanding what you envision, weíre able to guarantee satisfaction regardless of the designís complexity.

Whether youíre a pro or a recreational player, your utmost satisfaction is our goal. Thatís why our frequent and clear communication throughout the process is unrivaled. If necessary, rendering specialists are available to help you design what you envision before the mask is ever received.

As the mask itself is prepped, stenciled, and painted, youíll receive pictures throughout the designís progress. This ensures that not only is the design perfect and as you imagined, but also gives you insight into the care that goes into your maskís design.

To view more painted masks go to Jason's website click here

  Charlie Hutton paintworkCharlie Hutton paintworkCharlie Hutton paintwork

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The outlet to my everyday job is cycling and I found it hard to keep my high-end bikes clean.  That was until Gary sent me a Pro Pump and Spray sprayer to try out.  It’s unbelievably nice not to have to pull the trigger a million times – just pump it up and it seems to spray forever.  I now use it faithfully to keep my bikes spotless.

I use the 360* sprayer for everything and anything – it’s awesome to be able to spray under things without having to crawl on your hands and knees – just point and spray.  My overall use for this sprayer is to prep my artwork surfaces by using a water-born degreaser and Windex.  You can control the spray pattern nozzle to squirt a fine stream, which covers the area needed with such a precise direction.  I now use half the product because of the 360* sprayer.

The Auto Grafix 2” and ¾” tape is the most effective tape I’ve ever used.  I don’t experience issues with the paint blowing out or bleeding through the tape.  The translucent quality is second to none when being able to trace and blade out images underneath it.

The days of gummy excess glue on the edges of tape are long gone thanks to the Orange Pro Ban Fine Line #48240.  Using this tape, I get the best, clean crisp edges in my 20 years of custom painting.  The elasticity and conformity of the Orange Pro Bond Fine Line tape is hands down the best!  There is no other tape for me now.

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  NIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintworkNIck Pastura paintwork


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Recently, Gary from FBS sent me a selection of their masking products to try in the studio, and I was really looking forward to trying the products, as they have been getting a lot of buzz recently. The thing about hype though, is that rarely does a product ever live up to the promise. I must say though, that so far I have had a good amount of time spent with a few of these products and I am pleasantly surprised in their ability to live up to the hype.

The Auto Grafix tape is by far the best masking tape I have used to date. For years I have had my standby 3M 233+ tape which has done well for me, and I had always thought to be the best of the available offerings. That was until the time I spent with the Auto Grafix tape. It is extremely thin and transparent, and the adhesion is perfect for custom painting. I have so far not had a single issue with paint bleeding or underspray under a taped edge, and even masking over freshly airbrushed Wicked paint. The Aqua ProBand Fineline tape is a very nice tape for a clean edge and so far no tape tracking. The 1/16" green ProBand Fineline tape has an amazing ability to navigate a tight radius and as such is quite resistant to lifting.

Overall, so far these products have impressed me greatly and I will post more results as I get through more of the items.

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  Scott Bahr paintworkScott Bahr paintwork

Klassick Kolors

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Klassick Kolors' testimonials will follow soon.

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  Klassick Kolors paintworkKlassick Kolors paintworkKlassick Kolors paintwork Klassick Kolors paintwork
Chris Guinn logo

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Chris' testimonials will follow soon?

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